Bengal cats Cattery Nikalina's

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   Buy Bengal kitten - the dream of many people, which is not surprising, because the bengal perfectly combines the beauty of wildlife and tenderness pet. 

   Our nursery is located in Ukraine, near the city of Krivoy Rog. All of our animals are fully socialized because they live close to us. 

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   All questions on the care and maintenance of Bengal cats you can ask by writing a letter to the address: 


The purpose of the nursery Bengal cats Nikalina's is the creation of breeding, reproductive groups Bengals contained in the home and having the best genetic quality for reproduction. 

   Our task is not quantitative and qualitative content and reproduction of animals, with the prerequisite are high standards of well-being and socialization of animals. 

   Project to create a nursery Bengal cats Nikalina's includes a program aimed at obtaining a large, bright bengal, retained the Asian leopard cat a type and having the behavior of the domestic cat.