History of Bengal cats began in 1963. in California. Asian leopard cat was crossed with a home cat ... the years passed and the world was magnificent and graceful Bengal cat. Very active, courageous, intelligent - these animals are owners of luxurious thick hair, bright and sparkling, the sun is clearly visible glitter sparkle special characteristic only of Bengal. Wool to the touch - a combination of silk and velvet. Seeing the beauty of a Bengal kitten, it is already impossible to remain indifferent. Bright and playful, these cats are attracted to wild looks, extraordinary plasticity of movements and good temper. The nature of this animal for his devotion like a dog, but tend bengals choose their own owners. They are true friends, fun companions - they will never be bored.

      So, if you realize that the Bengal breed is it your in appearance and character, then WELCOME TO THE WORLD BENGAL CAT!